Pisla Oy acquires Tundra Grill®

Finnish based company Pisla Oy expands its business as it has agreed terms of buying the Tundra Grill® business from another Finnish company Rakennustempo Oy. The whole Tundra grill® business will be moved under the ownership of Pisla Oy starting from the 1st of June 2013.

Tundra Grill® is 20 years old well known brand of the industry. In Finland, the Tundra Grill® products are also known with the brand name Kotakeittiö®. The Tundra Grill® products include wide variety of different models and accessories of open fireplaces for multiple uses such as making of gourmet grill food and providing safe heating and cozy atmosphere inside gazebos, grill huts and in open terraces. The business transaction includes design, manufacturing, sales and logistics as well as the personnel. The operations will continue in Joensuu, Finland. For more information of the products www.tundragrill.com .

Starting from the 1st of June 2013 the contact info of the Tundra Grill® products are as follows:

Billing address:
PISLA OY PL 1 (Teollisuustie 8)

Delivery address / Warehouse:
80710 LEHMO

The contact info of the Tundra Grill® personnel will stay the same except the changing email addresses:

Ville Hämäläinen, Pisla Oy Tel. +358 50 556 3977, email: ville.hamalainen(at)pisla.fi

Pasi Konttinen, Pisla Oy Tel. +358 50 538 9068, email: pasi.konttinen(at)pisla.fi
For more detailed information:

Timo Päivänurmi, CEO, Rakennustempo Oy, Tel. +358 500 572 319

Pekka Kuivalainen, CEO, Pisla Oy Tel +358 400 942 367
Pisla Oy is well-established group founded in 1976. Pisla Oy has been operating as a supplier of hardware and furnishing products and its customers consist mainly of hardware stores and warehouses in Finland and in the essential exports countries including Scandinavian and Baltic countries, Russia, Poland, Czech, Slovakia and Germany. Subsidiaries of Pisla Ltd are Vertex S.A. in Poland, Vertex CZ s.r.o. in Czech and Pisla O.O.O. in Russia. www.pisla.fi

Rakennustempo Oy is a Joensuu based privately owned business founded in 1978. Rakennustempo Oy is an international subcontractor and contract manufacturer of metal sheet products specializing particularly in fuel and hydraulic oil tanks used in self-propelled heavy machinery and vehicles as well as water tanks for ground source heat pumps. In this sector, the company is one of Finland’s largest and oldest operators. www.rakennustempo.fi