Jatropha Harvester Project

Project background

The search of new biofuel resources continues intensively around the world. Furthermore, the European Union requires from Finland to cut the emissions by 16 per cent in transportation, housing, construction and agriculture until the year 2020.

The transportation emissions can be reduced quite easily by increasing the biofuels and automotive engine technology development. The EU’s target for the year 2020 is that at least 10 per cent of transportation fuels must be biofuels. Yet, the slowing down the green house effect is not a problem only for the Europe and Finland, but throughout the world.

At the moment, the world’s most important biofuel raw stock is palm oil, but in the future the tropical Jatropha Curcas bush is expected to be a strong factor in the biofuel markets besides cellulose-based ethanol resources such as millet, poplar, logging wastes and marine algae. The renewable and cultivated energy breed from the Jatropha seed is expected to help significantly the developing countries’ economy and employment.